Honesty. Integrity. Loyalty.

We aim high. To push record breakers atop mountains, champions above rivals, discoverers beyond the discovered. But “aspiration” need not mean “elevation” and success for us as a brand is not measured solely by new heights, titles and discoveries.

Success is seeing each one of you, our GoDark brothers and sisters, Endeavour Through Adversity in your own way. Because 2022 saw uncertain times for all of us, and 2023 looks set to do the same – but you stood by us, and we want to stand by you. That’s what our brand and our community is built on “Honesty. Integrity. Loyalty.”

GoDark Rewards

how it works

Enter the site and build your loadout carefully, stacking items as you go. Each time you hit a spend threshold, you save a set amount on your order as follows:


Spend $750 - $225 off

Why not add a Rōnin Ono Tech Hoody, Strike Trousers, Sentinel Beanie & Rōnin Alpine Tech Socks? Add your items, login & check out with $225 off.


Spend $500 - $125 off

Why not add a Stealth Base Layer Top, Strike Pants, Vader T-Shirt & Recce Beanie? Add your items, login & check out with $125 off.


Spend $300 - $60 off

Why not add a Siege Hooded Base Layer, Force Velocity 2-in-1 Short, Microfibre Towel & Force Running Cap? Add your items, login & check out with $60 off.


Spend $150 - $25 off

Why not add a DriRelease T-shirt, Insignia T-Shirt & Veil Cap? Add your items, login & check out with $25 off.

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Terms & Conditions

Please note: this offer is open only until 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 5th March. Orders placed outside this window will not be eligible for a GoDark Reward.

GoDark Reward applies to all full price products on site excluding gift cards, Peli Case and End of Days Parka. Our returns policy will remain unchanged for items bought with the GoDark Reward – please note that items returned for refund will be refunded to the amount paid after the GoDark Reward has been deducted.

This reward cannot be used in conjunction with any offers or discounts including but not limited to tier discounts, emergency services and military discounts or introductory offer discounts. If you wish to use these discounts you can do so when the duration of the GoDark Reward has expired. Gift vouchers will remain eligible for use but do consider the effect these will have on any reward threshold.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of this GoDark Reward, please contact support@thrudark.com.